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Leo Frank
Leo Frank
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⁣In the sixth part of a 13-part series, attorney Tom Watson reveals how Leo Frank was cross-examined and lied to in the face of conflicting testimony from various witnesses. Montin Stover's testimony proved that Leo Frank was a liar. Detective Harry Scott questions Leo Frank, who says he was in the office when Montin Stover went to collect his paycheck. Governor Tom Watson, John M.⁣Slaton, Leo Frank's business partner, may be trying to avoid the lawsuit by buying his office as a pen and pencil prostitute.

Rich Jews couldn't buy poor Americans or even the courts (including judges, lawyers, and juries), but they could buy corrupt politicians to pardon Jewish sex offenders. The Jewish-owned press portrayed him as a small, skinny, 6-foot-130-pounder, unable to beat Mary Fagan, when in reality he was 6-foot-tall and weighed 155 pounds at least.

These falsifications of Leo Frank's body measurements were carried out to shift responsibility for the crime onto Jim Conley, an African-American factory manager. No one expected a well-trained and physically fit athlete like Leo Frank to keep trying to seduce a girl for over a year. She constantly resisted him, and finally, unable to overcome his passion, he decided to beat her unconscious with the iron handle of a lathe and rape her while she worked.

He went mad and was hanged because he did not want to be castrated and killed as a rapist. Mel Stanford said he saw blood and hair samples near the locker room. Stanford cleaned the floor on Friday without taking any blood or hair samples. He noticed this when he went to the cleaners again on Monday. Ms. George Jefferson, who worked in a pencil factory, said he saw bloodstains near the girl's dressing room. E.F., a factory inspector who sympathized with Leo Frank.

Holloway said Leo visited Corinthia Hall and Emma Clark again before entering the factory to collect his wages. RP Barrett is a factory worker who discovers blood and hair at his workplace. Leo Frank bribed his ex NV Darley as an alibi for planting another sex offender who molested underage girls like Opie Dickerson.

Evidence related to the murder of Newt Lee. However, when N.W.Darley went to see Leo Frank the next morning, Monday, Leo Frank abandoned the match, saying he was nervous. Also, he R.P. Barrett said they found payment envelopes, white powder to clean up evidence and traces of blood. When Leo Frank responded to the police, his body language indicated that he was involved in the murder.

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