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The Victorian Parliament in Australia is Officially the First Government in the World to Publicly Di

97 Views· 27 May 2023
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⁣The Victorian Parliament in Australia is officially the first government in the world to publicly display their support of a U.N. Agenda to decriminalise sex with children.

⁣Australia PROMOTING PEDOPHILIA: Australian Government Hosts DRAG QUEEN Story Hour Inside PARLIAMENT

Victoria, Australia is being infiltrated by pedophilic trannies, who are in turn being protected by Australian government for performing in Parliament!
Maria Zeee joins Stew to share how their corrupt Parliament has decided along with the United Nations to treat the LGBT mafia as a protected class, lambasting those who disagree.
Parliament has favored literal pedophiles, who desire to have sex with minors despite consent laws and potential criminal punishment.
Perverts in Parliament not only desire to obstruct the consent laws, but want to utilize their law-making capacity to evade criminal charges that would apply to a case where a minor was involved - in defense of gender identity!
Australian government is actively facilitating the molestation and sexualization of children, in order to forward the woke LGBT agenda!
Australians are pushing back, but inso-doing they've been classified by the government as radical Nazis , for refusing the sexualization of their kids.
In retaliation to the people, Parliament hosted a Drag Queen story hour in front of the citizens in order to demonstrate that they are actively supporting pedophiles.
Australians need help and encouragement to continue to protest and defend the children. They have been successful in shutting down various drag queen events, but not without being deemed as violent radicals by the media.
Australians have to understand, that if they are going to take back Parliament, they must demand the exit of the UN immediately, alongside the WHO.
Globalists desire to push the same disasters in Australia to the world - it's time to stand against for the sake of our children!

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