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Zelensky is Now Straight Up Admitting to Directly Working With the CIA

31 Views· 05 Jul 2023
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⁣Zelensky is now straight up admitting to directly working with the CIA.

He just told CNN that there will be no victory in Ukraine until they retake Crimea, that he and the United States CIA withhold no secrets together, and there is no situation where there can be peace unless they retake Crimea!

Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.

No sign of a peace deal and the CIA is once again working to foster bloodshed in foreign countries. It's almost too obvious at this point that this entire war is a sham and Zelensky doesn't care for the well-being of his people nor their safety.
The warmongering is blatant.

"Is there any scenario where Crimea is not part of Ukraine?

Zelensky: "It is inevitable...We don't have any secrets from the CIA because we have good relations."

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