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SHOCKING Video Evidence of Joe Biden's Son Hunter Taking Cocaine and Abusing Under-age Girls
4,030 Views · 6 months ago

⁣SHOCKING video evidence of Joe Biden's son Hunter taking cocaine and abusing underage girls.

This footage has now been exposed to Russian mainstream media.

Why doesn't the Western media publish the truth about Joe Biden's paedophile son?

Died Suddenly Doco trailer goes viral with over 4 million views
67,154 Views · 1 year ago

⁣Died Suddenly Doco trailer goes viral with over 4 million views

World Premiere: Died Suddenly
6,741 Views · 1 year ago

⁣World Premiere: Died Suddenly

Stephanie Warriner Died After Being Choked by Security in a Toronto Hospital for Having Her Mask Too
1,147 Views · 11 months ago

⁣Stephanie Warriner died after being choked by security in a Toronto hospital for having her mask too low.

A coroner's report stated she died "due to restraint asphyxia following struggle and exertion.”

Yet no charges will be brought, leaving her sister sickened.

This Is The UKs Most Esteemed Cardiologist Who Was Originally Pro Vaccine. He Is Now Speaking Out Ag
16,915 Views · 1 year ago

⁣This is the UKs most esteemed cardiologist who was originally pro vaccine. He is now speaking out against the vaccines because they are causing harm. Probably the best video you will watch.

USS Nitze (DDG-94) with 500 Soldiers and Equipped with HAARP System Anchored in Bosphorus, Istanbul
885 Views · 9 months ago

⁣USS Nitze (DDG-94) with 500 soldiers and equipped with HAARP System anchored in Bosphorus, Istanbul on February 4-th, just a couple of days before the Earthquake.

Producer of “Hunger Games” Talks About Hollywood Pedophiles and the Indescribable Torture and Abuse
494 Views · 10 months ago

⁣Producer of “Hunger Games” talks about Hollywood pedophiles and the indescribable torture and abuse happening to the children.

Not Pfizer or Moderna, But the US Government Pioneered mRNA Technology
410 Views · 9 months ago

⁣Not Pfizer or Moderna, but the US government pioneered mRNA technology. DARPA (US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) began investing in gene-encoded vaccines in 2012.

In other words, the military came up with the idea of messenger RNA vaccines, not Pfizer or Moderna.

"This is a military program."

Get Your Money Out of the Bank Immediately
394 Views · 10 months ago

⁣Get your money out of the bank immediately.

This Video Explains the Ultimate Truth About the Russia/Ukraine War
390 Views · 9 months ago

⁣This video explains the ultimate truth about the Russia/Ukraine war.

Most pro-Trump channels will never inform you about this.

Epstein Flight Lists? Some Surprising Nominations Here!
323 Views · 9 months ago

⁣Wow 😯✈
Epstein flight lists?
Some surprising nominations here⁉

BILL GATES FILES: This is the Video That Will Finally Put Bill Gates in Prison
316 Views · 9 months ago

⁣An attack on a Russian plane in neutral space will be a declaration of war, - the Russian ambassador in Washington responded to the threats of senators

“ Intentionally attacking a Russian aircraft in neutral airspace is not just a crime under international law, but also an open declaration of war against the largest nuclear power ,” Anatoly Antonov warned. - An armed clash between Russia and the United States would be radically different from the proxy war that the Americans are waging remotely against us in Ukraine. Is the Capitol ready to expose American citizens and the international community to the risk of all-out nuclear war? Answer, dear senator! "

This is how the ambassador responded to the threats of a number of American parliamentarians, in particular Senator Lindsey Graham, to shoot down Russian aircraft in international airspace if they come close to US military equipment.

2500 Foreign Police will be Imported to Police Australians
280 Views · 9 months ago

⁣2500 Foreign Police will be Imported to Police Australians

Rockefeller’s 1991 Leaked Speech Will Give You the Chills. Take a Listen and Watch Carefully
271 Views · 7 months ago

⁣Rockefeller’s 1991 leaked speech will give you the chills. Take a listen and watch carefully.

They have always aimed to create a world system of financial control in Private hands, able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.

President Trump Releases his Plan to Fight Against Globalism
266 Views · 9 months ago

⁣WATCH: President Trump releases his plan to fight against Globalism.

“Unimaginable Carnage” - Analyst Estimates 20 Million Dead and 2.2 Billion Injured From the Covid Qu
476 Views · 1 year ago

⁣“Unimaginable Carnage” - Analyst estimates 20 million dead and 2.2 billion injured from the Covid quacckinations.

Tucker Breaks Down the Project Veritas Video Precisely. He Hits on all the Major Points that Needed
250 Views · 10 months ago

⁣Mandatory viewing for everyone.

Tucker breaks down the Project Veritas video precisely as I expected he would. He hits on all the major points that needed to be hit.

-Pfizer is conducting gain of function research creating enhanced pathogens a.k.a BIOWEAPONS

-Lying to the public and using wordplay to circumvent the law with “directed evolution”

-Massive conflict of interest, pharma industry creating “cash cow” by creating viruses

-Pfizer exec admits C19 came from a lab

mRNA Vaccine Technology can Pass from Vaccinated to Unvaccinated
236 Views · 9 months ago

⁣IMPORTANT: mRNA vaccine technology can pass from vaccinated to unvaccinated.

15 MINUTE CITIES: In China Each Neighborhood Zone is Separated by a Fence, With the Entrance Gate Be
223 Views · 9 months ago

⁣15 MINUTE CITIES: In China each neighborhood zone is separated by a fence, with the entrance gate being guarded.

If you want to get in or leave your zone, you need a face scan.

Mel Gibson on How he Navigates Hollywood Without Participating in the Bad Stuff
222 Views · 11 months ago

⁣Mel Gibson on how he navigates Hollywood without participating in the bad stuff.

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