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Killary Gets Clapped: Students Walk Out of Clinton Lecture
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⁣Killary Gets Clapped: Students Walk Out Of Clinton Lecture

Pro-Palestine demonstrators at Columbia University disrupted a class taught by Hillary Clinton called “Inside the Situation Room” - and also staged a walked out of the 'event' over her support for Israel.

From Senator Malcolm Roberts: "Digital ID Bill Passes First of Three Stages"
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⁣From Senator Malcolm Roberts:

“Digital ID Bill Passes First of Three Stages

The Labor Government is pushing ahead with their globalist control agenda by introducing the #DigitalID bill. This proposal is nothing more than a 21st Century version of Soviet Russia’s favourite measure – papers please!

Senator Gallagher says #myGov ID is not compulsory: that it's "misinformation". The Director's ID legislation didn't mention myGov IDs yet every director was required to get one.

The reason 10 million Australians have a myGov ID is because 10 million Australians were coerced into getting one.

One Nation will be fighting this terrible bill at every stage.”

World Premiere: Died Suddenly
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⁣World Premiere: Died Suddenly

From Senator Antic: “Why is the South Australian Labor Government Removing References to the Names i
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⁣From Senator Antic:

“Why is the South Australian Labor Government removing references to the names:

🔴 Christmas Day
🔴 Anzac Day and
🔴 Australia Day

in their Public Holidays Bill 2023?

The Bill also gives the government the power to change the date of any public holiday.

Australia Day is on life support under this Labor Government.”

Elgato Weebee
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The Israel Defense Forces Said it Struck a University in Gaza That It Said Was Being Used by Hamas
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⁣❗The Israel Defense Forces said it struck a university in Gaza that it said was being used by Hamas.

Have the Globalists Pre-planned Their Media Coverage of the Hamas Attack, to Show Them as Barbaric,
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⁣Have the Globalists pre planned their media coverage of the Hamas attack, to show them as barbaric, for deadly propaganda,to ensure public support for a pre planned Israel invasion of the Gaza Strip and mass genocide ?

They lie about everything so it’s always clear whatever the MSM is saying is likely not the truth

Both sides have committed atrocities but are we seeing mass propaganda for pre mediated purposes to deceive ?

To classify all Palestinians as barbaric people, thus it’s ok to mass genocide them with razing Gaza like some US Politicians are suggesting is what’s barbaric
Their is many reports that Hamas was merciful towards many Israelis but we are only seeing the opposite.

This is not about taking sides, it’s about being aware of propaganda and pre mediated agendas .

To classify all Palestinians as barbaric by US Politicians sets up a dangerous precedent just as equal to those who wish to wipe Israel citizens off the map.

Both sides are guilty of extreme violence and death.
Any thing that increases this such as propaganda needs to be exposed before it escalates and justifies the murder of mass innocents.

#israel #palestine #Hamas

The Son of Hamas Leader Exposes Muhammad
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⁣The son of Hamas leader exposes Muhammad.

Australian National Review Founder Speaks out About the Israel, Palestine Conflict and Highlights Ho
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⁣Australian National Review Founder speaks out about the Israel , Palestine conflict and highlights how our corrupt Western Governments want us to support the mass genocide of innocent Palestinians by lying and manipulating you

Australian National Review

Jews Who Were Demonstrating Against Violence Towards Palestinians in Front of the Military Recruitme
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⁣WATCH: Jews who were demonstrating against violence towards Palestinians in front of the military recruitment office in Israel were beaten by the Netanyahu government’s police.

Australian National Review

Have You Heard the Israeli Government bs and Mainstream Media Trying to Manipulate You to Support th
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⁣Have you heard the Israeli Government bs and Mainstream Media trying to manipulate you to support their mass murder and genocide of innocent civilians based on they “have a right to self defence”.

It’s the biggest crock of sh..

Yes the Israeli Government has the right to self defence- when their borders were being attacked and breached with a bunch of terrorists on dirt bikes and paragliders .

But the supposed strongest military in the world couldn’t self defend itself then.

Went missing strangely for 6-7 hours.

Their attack helicopters and fighter jets and tanks were no match for the superior Hamas dirt bikes and paragliders ?


Is the Israeli military and Government such pussies they can’t defend against some terrorists, when they breach their borders and wall, but think it’s ok to later show the world how tough they are by carpet bombing innocent civilians to death.

So tough.

Only gutless criminals who can’t fight fair ,would do such a thing

Maybe it’s time Israelis and the world ask if Israel has the right to self defence , then where was the self defence when Hamas was breaching their walls ?

If you can’t defend your borders, I’m sorry you lost your right to self defence.
Pick a fair fight or accept your grossly incompetent and war criminals or lying about a false flag and butchered your own people to use as justification to destroy Palestinians

Israelis on TikTok are Mocking Palestinians, Their Lack of Electricity and Even Comparing Them to Do
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⁣Israelis on TikTok are mocking Palestinians, their lack of electricity and even comparing them to dogs.

Many Israeli parents have their kids joining in.

Massachusetts Police Warn Parents About Apple's New iPhone iOS 17 Feature
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⁣"If you have an iPhone and have done the recent Apple iOS 17 update, they have set a new feature called NameDrop defaulted to ON. This feature allows the sharing of your contact info just by bringing your phones close together," police posted.


Massachusetts police warn parents about Apple's new iPhone iOS 17 feature

⁣DIGHTON – Several police departments in Massachusetts are sharing a warning for parents about a new Apple software update.

Police in Dighton and Andover were among those issuing a warning on social media following the recent iOS 17 software release.

"If you have an iPhone and have done the recent Apple iOS 17 update, they have set a new feature called NameDrop defaulted to ON. This feature allows the sharing of your contact info just by bringing your phones close together," police posted.

If two devices come close enough, a NameDrop prompt will appear on both phone screens, allowing users to choose if they want to share and receive contact cards.

How to turn off NameDrop
The departments suggested parents turn this default off by going to settings, then general. From there, you can select AirDrop, then "Bringing Devices Together," and toggle it to off.

Police suggested parents change the setting on their children's phones, iPads and other Apple devices.

Why could name NameDrop be dangerous?
Tech and cyber security expert Alan Crowetz told CBS Philadelphia the feature can be especially dangerous for children.

"If a stranger walks by your child and gets their contact information," Crowetz, with InfoStream, said, "they have their email and we've seen how the bad guys, the pedophiles and whatnot really take advantage of email, phone number for texting... From a cybersecurity point, this is a major red flag."

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🇵🇸LIFELESS BODIES OF KID AND MAN (00:01) carried through streets of Gaza Strip on mattress as people grab whatever they can for frantic rescue efforts - burnt arm sticks out of rubble (00:14) after Israeli strikes butcher Palestinians and bring down entire buildings.

But hey they deserve it right ?

I mean after all they didn’t vote against Hamas, some of them.

And just because Israel has locked them in an open air prison and stolen their land and bombed them and shot them for decades, doesn’t mean they have any rights. I mean they are barbaric. They could grow up to throw pebbles at our prison wall we placed around them.

And just because Israel organised a false flag Hamas attack to murder their own people to then justify such terrorism and genocide on a massive scale, doesn’t mean we in the West should be disturbed by such footage.

We must still show our undying support for the criminal regime that hides behind Israel, and controls the US and all of us in the West -

As they are the masters - the chosen ones and apparently have a higher IQ then the rest of us mere mortals

Plus if you speak out we’ll destroy your career or pull business deals and even threaten people like Elon Musk re his starling for Gaza.

So please explain to your children it’s ok to mass murder all these women and children and babies as they are bad people.
Or pretend it’s not happening in our name.

They should be more grateful when we stole their land and put the wall up around them and bomb them often.

And just because we created Hamas not them, that’s ok .

As we need Hamas just like we created ISIS to make us the aggressors, look like innocent victims

I’m sure your kids will then understand why it’s ok to support this murder.

I’m sure also that for every 100-1000 innocent Palestinians murdered we must surely be killing at least 1 Hamas terrorists by bombing Gaza.

And don’t answer any questions about how is it some part time terrorists on dirt bikes were able to breach the most fortified and surveillanced wall on the planet in not 1 but 15 places simultaneously and somehow not be detected, and somehow speak perfect Hebrew with no accent ( just like our Mossad agents ) to enter Israeli bases and shoot dead Israelis. And how come despite having the strongest military in the world we didn’t bother for 6-7 hours using them, or tanks, or fighter jets or attack helicopters to stop the dirt bikes and paragliders .

I mean we say it’s in self defence to now be tough and bomb unarmed women and children to death and watch them bury their dead in mass graves and gloat how superior and strong we are military, but why were we so incompetent at self defence when it counted

As all these murders are justified by self defence correct ?

Where was our self defence when needed or did we allow or enable or co ordinate the Hamas attack to fool dumbed down westerners that we are the good guys, the victims.

We are the chosen ones, so we are above criticism, and we will even jail Israelis who dare protest. Actually our new law is we can shoot them dead.

Just like Israelis eye witness said it was us the IDF shooting dead innocent Israelis at the rave festival that we blamed Hamas for .

And how were some of Isreali soldiers shot dead at the border bases even before Hamas arrived

Don’t dare suggest that was our Mossad agents .
Just because they have been behind every major terrorist act or massacre since before you were born doesn’t mean they had anything to do with this.

We would never slaughter our own people for gain .
But didn’t you just pass a law you can shoot Israelis dead that protest against our tyrannical criminal regime?

You aren’t mean to know about that.

Go back to sleep . Watch more of the idiot box programming that we are the victims and you should only be scared of the Islamic terrorists as they hate us. Must be because we are the chosen ones not them.

Elderly Israelis Recalling and Laughing About Palestinians they Raped and Killed in Their Youth
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⁣Elderly Israelis Recalling and Laughing About Palestinians they Raped and Killed in Their Youth

This Is The UKs Most Esteemed Cardiologist Who Was Originally Pro Vaccine. He Is Now Speaking Out Ag
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⁣This is the UKs most esteemed cardiologist who was originally pro vaccine. He is now speaking out against the vaccines because they are causing harm. Probably the best video you will watch.

Chi è Mosab Hassan Yousef
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⁣Mosab Hassan Yousef (in seguito Giuseppe) nacque a Ramallah, una città a 10 chilometri a nord di Gerusalemme. Suo padre, lo sceicco Hassan Yousef, era un leader di Hamas che ha trascorso molti anni nelle carceri israeliane. [2] [ È il maggiore di cinque fratelli e tre sorelle. Fonte: ⁣Mosab Hassan Yousef - Wikipedia

Third Wave Media - promotional video (long)
Third Wave Media
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Third Wave Media
promotional video (long)

Do You Agree Our School System is More of An Indoctrination Than an Education?
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⁣Do you agree our school system is more of an indoctrination then an education ? It’s time to change it,and take our workd back .ANR Founder, and Co Founder of 21stCenturyU, Jamie McIntyre, discuss’s how,and the blue print of a modern day 21st Century Education the world needs, to end the indoctrination and awaken the masses .

For free educational resources opt in at or for free scholarships to give to teenagers of a valuable online education system

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