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This Is The UKs Most Esteemed Cardiologist Who Was Originally Pro Vaccine. He Is Now Speaking Out Ag

17,011 Views· 28 Sep 2022
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⁣This is the UKs most esteemed cardiologist who was originally pro vaccine. He is now speaking out against the vaccines because they are causing harm. Probably the best video you will watch.

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Omanilady88 2 years ago

I am sorry for your loss, but you failed in your duty of care. If a lay person like myself could clearly see this was a scam and the fact these drug companies have long history of criminal charges, I beg to question how someone such as yourself has not done your own due diligence before "following global health orders".

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Jabschool 2 years ago

The things this Doctor say is only half the truth. I am Sluier De Ridder from the Jabschool 2020 South Africa and I would like to rectify this doctor. First of all, Covid does not exist. Covid is simply a trademark, spelling a misleading medical phrase, Corona Virus Infectious Disease. The Corona virus is a virus. It is not a disease and diseases can not be transmitted from person to person. Second of all. The TASGE-19 injection is not classified as a vaccine. It is classified as an Experimental Genetic Therapy, using the G.O. Mutagenesis property within Graphene Oxide and the Messenger RNA to be edited into the human genetics. I call it TASGE-19. TASGE stands for Toxic American Synthetic Genetic Experiment. Thirdly. The patients did not die from Cardiac Arrest. They rather died from Coronary thrombosis or myocarditis. Others died from cancers, strokes, internal bleeds, Thrombosis, Necrosis, Hypoxia ext. I am not a medical doctor. I am better than a medical doctor when it comes to the TASGE-19 Jinx Shot. The TASGE-19 is genetically inherited by 7 generations and will cause genetic defects which will decrease the human lifespan by 60 percent. Call it LONG TERM depopulation. You may contact me at < >

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There_is_no_virus 2 years ago

Good points. There is no such thing as a harmful or contagious virus. What virologists call a virus is just cell debris which is caused mostly by excess toxicity. Toxicity comes in many forms, from what we eat, pollutants in the air and even our emotions such as fear and stress. There are many doctors who say virology is based on a lie such as Dr Sam Bailey, Dr Tom Cowan, Dr Stephan Lanka.

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Franco 2 years ago

It is too late, why vaccine for emergency use only being used ?

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