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Elon Musk FINALLY Reveals First Prototype Of Tesla Plane For 2022!

16 Views· 08 Jul 2022
John Baker
John Baker
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Air travel is a major contributor to environmental pollution with the millions of gallons of
aviation fuel that is burnt annually as aviation companies ferry passengers worldwide.
However, with Elon Musk's latest invention, air travel pollution is about to stop! What is
this newest invention by Musk?
Join us as Elon Musk finally reveals the new Tesla Airplane!
Elon Musk is determined to fight climate change by attacking a major source of
pollution; road travel! This focus makes sense since, according to the US Environmental
Protection Agency, transportation accounts for 29 percent of greenhouse gases in the
United States!
Of this 29 percent, the International Energy Agency estimates road transport accounts
for three-quarters of the emissions, including cars, buses, and trucks.
So far, Musk is making rapid progress as Tesla is pumping out electric vehicles at an
unprecedented rate. Tesla is set to meet its 750,000 vehicle production target and even
surpass it, with some analysts pegging the total output at 900,000!
Tesla is dreaming big as it wants to make 20 million electric vehicles by 2030, and it is
opening more factories to reach the goal. Its China factory is undergoing an expansion
that could see it making 1,000,000 cars annually, making it a critical production hub.
Tesla will also begin production at its Berlin factory, where it will also make batteries,
which you will hear more about later in this video. Similarly, its Texas factory is nearing
completion and will further expand Tesla's production capacity.
Tesla is covering as many vehicle segments as possible. It already has the sedan taken
care of with the Model 3 and Model Y, which remain two of its most popular cars. Tesla
also has the Roadsters for speed lovers that want to drive zero-emission cars.
For pickup truck lovers, which is a big segment in its home country, Tesla will soon start
producing the Cybertruck. There is enough pent-up demand to keep Tesla occupied for
years to come as reservations have been reported to be more than a million for the
battery powered pickup truck!
Tesla is making the Tesla Semi for truck fleet operators, a Class 8 truck that promises
serious savings for logistic operations. Many top companies are eagerly awaiting the
delivery of their orders as Tesla puts the finishing touches and installs the
Megachargers that will juice up the batteries!
Musk personally wants to make a car for budget conscious drivers that are sick of
contributing to climate change by driving internal combustion cars. The CEO believes
25,000 dollars is the tipping point that will make electric vehicles affordable for millions
of people! While such a cheap electric vehicle has eluded Musk for years, it appears he
will finally get his wish as Tesla is rumored to be nearing the start of production of the
25,000 dollar EV in China! Reports say Tesla has placed an order for a powerful Giga
Press that can make the cheap Tesla EV's chassis in a single piece, vastly reducing the
cost and complexity of production!
Tesla is even making an ATV to go with the Cybertruck! It also produces home battery
storage solutions and solar panels to help folks generate power without drawing from
the grid!
With the revolution in the automobile industry going smoothly, Musk can now turn his
attention to another source of environmental pollution; the aviation industry! Musk is
already involved in flights anyway, as his space company, SpaceX, sends rockets to
space regularly. However, that sector cannot be electrified, for obvious reasons!
Musk can intervene in the aviation industry with electric planes. And like any industry he
steps into, the players better beware because he will turn it upside down!
The aviation industry is ripe for an intervention, as it remains one of the least
progressive industries!
The billionaire CEO has his own private jet, too, so he understands both how jets work
and why electric planes should supersede fossil fuel powered aircraft as soon as
Musk himself has said time and again that he wants to build an electric plane, just like
he wants to make a 25,000 dollar electric car! He even elaborated on the type of aircraft
he prefers to build, the VTOL or a craft that vertically takes off!
Now, other companies have ideas and even sought patents for cars that can carry
maybe three or four people into the air, basically a flying car. But Musk has always
wanted to build a full capacity aircraft. In his interviews, he has also revealed that he
wants to make a powerful supersonic jet!
However, Musk has also been honest about the constraints he faces to deliver such a
product, which we shall get into, and also the solutions!
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Aircraft, as we have them today, have many drawbacks, apart from causing pollution.

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