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Fired CNN Host Don Lemon Returns Back to CNN to Compare Elon Musk’s Rhetoric to “Radicalized Shooter

6 Views· 15 Mar 2024
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⁣NEW: Fired CNN host Don Lemon returns back to CNN to compare Elon Musk’s rhetoric to “radicalized shooters” in their manifestos.


Lemon tried arguing that opposing open borders makes you comparable to a mass shooter.

“He doesn't understand that that sort of rhetoric that he talks about, the Great Replacement Theory and a migrant invasion.”

“That's what radicalized shooters use in their manifestos, those exact words. The people who go and shoot up people.”

“Whether they be Latino, people who live in Texas, or black people who are in the supermarket in Buffalo, or Jewish people who are, who are worshiping those people use the same rhetoric that they are tropes, that they're either racist for Latinos or black people or for Jewish people.”

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