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I Can’t Imagine Why the State Premiers all Resigned - Their Day is Coming - The Hard Evidence is Ava

4 Views· 11 May 2024
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⁣I can’t imagine why the State Premiers all resigned - their day is coming - the hard evidence is available of what they did - they can run but can’t hide - justice is coming, even if it’s frustratingly slow.

Imagining taking the health advice from this creature,
only to now find out that the shots he bullied people into taking,
are causing irreparable damage and death.

Nationwide we have an exponential increase in;
Sudden cardiac arrest
Turbo cancers
Still births
Neurological disorders
sudden deaths and the list goes on.

One can only wonder how many are now realising the indescribable insanity of listening to a goon like Andrews when it came to taking untested medical experiments.

Save this video.
Send it to the millions who got the AZ injection on Andrews’ insistence and coercion.

These are crimes against humanity…
Yet somehow no one is being held accountable…
which can only tell us the entire system is utterly corrupted.

Time for all Australians demand that people like DA are made to answer for what they have done to our people.

If you have any other updates,
please put them below in the comments.

Have a nice day.

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