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Penny Wong Commenting on the Murder of Australian Aid Worker Zomi Frankom by Israeli Forces

7 Views· 04 Apr 2024
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⁣Penny Wong commenting on the murder of Australian Aid Worker Zomi Frankom by Israeli Forces, which Israel has taken responsibility for stating they thought Hamas might be in one of the cars (that old chestnut), per Haaretz.

Wong expects a “full investigation” by the country who committed premeditated murder of World Central Kitchen workers.

Wong has told Israel that their actions are causing them to “lose support” from many countries, because “support” is the most important thing you need during a genocide which Western nations are complicit in, of course.

The question the public should be asking is, what accountability should be placed on the Australian government for the murder of Zomi Frankom and other innocent aid workers, considering the nature of Pine Gap and its relationship with Israel.

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