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Queensland Shootings - Nathaniel Train's Daughter, Madelyn Train - Speaks Out

63 Views· 23 Jan 2023
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Nathaniel Train's daughter,
Madelyn Train - speaks out.

Madelyn has acute traumatic stress disorder. Scum media still used extreme, manipulative language to describe her family when she wasn't listening, while they courted her for an interview.

Madelyn tells us that the Train family would have acted out of fear of the unknown - that they were not violent people.

Scum media using extreme and manipulative wording, inferences and assumptions to sensationalise a tragedy, pretending that they actually know what occurred on the tragic day when 6 people died at Wieambilla on 12th December 2022.

This is how community perception is shaped - by plastic people, in plastic clothes, with plastic words.
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