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Scored a Free Beer Today at the “Pub With No Cash”! - Part 1

36 Views· 10 Mar 2023
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⁣Scored a free beer today at the “Pub with no Cash”!

As more businesses go cashless we need to speak out. Because the sheep that run them and the sheep that patronise them have no idea.

No idea about CBDC's
No idea about Carbon Footprint Tracking
No idea about Digital ID's
No idea about 15 minute Cities
No idea about anything other than the convenience offered by tapping with your phone, watch or soon-to-be-inserted digital-chip.

I make a point of chatting with the staff and asking what the proportion of cash to card is. I already know the answer by the shocked look on their faces as I hand them over cash. It opens up a conversation where I say if we let cash go, a time will come where you will try to buy a steak at the pub and the scanner will light up red and say NO! You have expended your Carbon Limit for the month, you can have a Tofu Burger! They stare back at me like I'm insane. I continue to do what I can.

Warning, Rant Alert and language alert!

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