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The TGA Still Cannot Explain the Biochemistry as to Why the Vaccine Causes Myocarditis - Part 2

33 Views· 17 Jun 2023
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⁣The TGA still has no idea as to why the vaccine causes myocarditis.

If they don’t understand the pathway of the vaccine to the heart, then how can they rule out that the vaccine doesn’t injure other organs in the body as well?
Had they done proper pharmacokinetic testing they would know this.

As for saying millions of people didn’t get injured, that is false. Most vaccinated people caught Covid. Over 10 million Australians caught Covid within 10 months of the borders being opened. So the jab wasn’t effective.

Then there’s the 26,000 more deaths in 2022 than 2019 and the 140,000 reported injuries. And let’s not forget the extra 9,000 deaths in 2021 when there was no Covid in the community.

The question also needs to be asked as to whether or not people actually received intact mRNA or mRNA at all? The vaccines needed to be stored at negative 70 degrees and the lipids had to be emulsified to ensure an even distribution. The manufacturing process was never throughly tested or had consistent quality assurance processes implemented.

For example there were 5 doses in one vial. There is no guarantee that the vaccines were delivered evenly from each vial or that each had the same amount. I.e. 150 micrograms which is a very small amount.

So rather than claiming the vaccine was safe because people didn’t get injured, it’s probable that for some people, the vaccine was never actually delivered effectively in the first place.

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