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Watch The Water -part 2

508 Views· 14 Apr 2022
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⁣What I Think of the Bryan Ardis Video, “Watch the Water”

⁣By Steve Kirsch
The video is out. I’ve seen it. A few parts I agree with. For most other parts I’m skeptical. I’ve invited Bryan to meet with my colleagues so we can ask questions.
In this article, I give my overall reaction and then specifically respond to some of the key points in the video.
Some parts I agree with. Most parts I remain unconvinced.
We agree there is evidence that the virus is similar to snake venom.
But as for the other assertions (such as it’s a poison spread through the water), I’m not buying it.
I’ve scheduled a recorded discussion between Bryan and my experts to see if we can form a consensus. That call happens on Thursday April 14 (tomorrow). I’ll post the video.
I’ll update this article as I learn more.
Here are my impressions at the moment.

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Aunty_L13 2 months ago

LOVE it!! Makes so much more sense than anything else I have EVER heard!!

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