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Zelensky is a "Complete Prostitute" Who has More Loyalty to Israel than Ukraine After he D

12 Views· 16 Jan 2024
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⁣Zelensky is a "complete prostitute" who has more loyalty to Israel than Ukraine after he declared full support to US strikes against Houthis in Yemen.

Australian National Review

Of course, he is as Israel controls Ukraine, as it does the US and vassal western states including Australia.
Who do all our Western politicians have to swear loyalty to if it’s not Israel?

Find me a US Presidential candidate or an Australian leader or opposition leader, who doesn’t state we must make Israel a priority - never we must ensure they behave like good global citizens and stop genociding and stealing from their neighbors and stop funding Islamic Terrorism, to fool westerners that’s why they have to start wars against them.

And of course who was behind the illegal coup of Ukraine in 2014, to end democracy and steal it, and set it on a path of civil war to genocide Eastern Ukrainians and to provoke Russia into WW3, just as they are attacking Palestine to provoke Iran to war and provoking China by interfering with Tawain?

The same criminal elites who control Israel - known as Globalists who profit from war, theft, and chaos and pretend to support democracy, but are actual communists - took over Russia in the early 19th century and introduced communism and introduced communism into China as well, then started wars based on we must stop communism.

Divide to conquer and war by deception is their game, and now they want to destroy America (pretty much already have with their puppet Biden by rigging the last election to deny the people’s choice and someone they can’t fully control) and the rest of the west to usher in their satanic dystopian One World Totalitarian Government Regime ( actually a One World Corporation- think BlackRock)

They’ll incite Islamic extremism to get you sidetracked to be scared of everyday Muslims, they’ll push Russiaphobia to ensure you are scared of Russians and that they will invade Europe if not stopped, and scare you that China will invade Australia and other nations if not kept in check, and Iran want to also want to take over the world when the only large scale war mongers are these criminal elites who control US Foreign Policy. Name a significant war they haven’t been behind in the last 100 years.

Is it time to take our nations back from this dangerous satanic cult hiding behind a religion, that controls our media and detests nationalism, Christians, and white people, as they are a threat to a minority group taking full control of the world.

Their last ditch desperate effort is the CBDC and falsified pandemics, or eventually, they may release a deadly virus to wipe out billions if WW3 doesn’t kill enough. Out of chaos, they start they want to create their new world order.

Not saying anything is supporting their agenda.

Explain that one day to your grandchildren

#israel a failed State

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