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07 Chapter III Frank Views Body Leo Frank Case 1913 February 2022

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Leo Frank
Leo Frank
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⁣Frank sees the body at 5 o'clock on a quiet Saturday morning. Police are hunting the man who killed a young woman in the factory. Upon arrest, Newt Lee was taken to the police station, where the dead boy was identified. While officers were still at the pencil factory, Deputy Rogers said he knew a girl who worked there and could identify the murdered boy through her. He called her his sister-in-law. Grace Hicks lived at 100 McDonough Road. Rogers decided to find both his device and her. He returned with Miss Hicks before dawn and took her to A.J.P.'s mortuary. The body was taken to Bloomfield. Grace Hicks was there examining the mutilated corpse. A young girl is operating the car next to me.

With these last words she exclaimed, "She is Mary Phagan." Meanwhile, other police and investigative agencies are actively working at the scene. I arrive around 5:30 in the morning. At his home at 68 East Georgia Avenue, Frank received a call from Detective Stars informing him of what had happened at the factory and promising to call him by car. Rogers and Detective John Black went to the Frank residence shortly after dawn.

Ms Frank opened the door for them and her husband stepped out. Frank asked them what happened to the pencil factory, but according to Black and Rogers' story, they told him to get his coat. Black later reported that Frank wore only a collar and tie, was very nervous, and was constantly rubbing his hands.

Roger's car was heading into town with the three of them in tow.

During the trip, Black asked Frank to meet a girl named Mary Phagan. The inspector general seems to have responded with a promise to check factory wages. Black informed Frank of his decision at this point.

As the three drove to the funeral home, they examined Mary Phagan's body. When Frank asked him if he knew him, he said he thought he did and would check with the factory. The three men left the horse on their way to the factory at dawn.

As news of the murder spread throughout the village, a small group of men waited outside the factory gates.

H was one of them. ARE YOU COMING?

Before leaving home, Frank asked his wife to inform Darling, the factory foreman. Frank called the manager, who immediately led the boss up the stairs to Frank's office. The man left. Opening the safe and pulling out a blank register, the chief inspector scanned the rows of names until he came upon the name of Mary Phagan.

He looked up from the page. Yes, Freak replied.

According to Roger's story, he came yesterday to collect his salary. I think the stenographer left for lunch.

The clerk left a few minutes later and returned to collect his wages. I was there at 12:15. Frank wiped his hands and quickly moved away from the book, asking if any evidence of the payment envelope had been found at the factory. It was nobody. Look at the place where the girl's body was found, another request from the inspector. The director, chief inspector and officers took the elevator up to the base.

Initially, Frank approached the control box next to the elevator and told the officers that he locked the elevator, unlocked it, started the car and the elevator began to descend. Frank was so nervous that he didn't notice that the elevator cable was caught. Darley walked over to him and helped him free.

After seeing the basement where the body was found, the group went upstairs again. "Newt Lee has only been with us a short time, but Darley has known him for a long time," says Frank. Darley is one of those who could make the most of her. As we were walking back to the first floor, someone suggested that we all go to the station building. Frank then turned to Darley and said, "I think it would be a good idea to buy another slider for the clock." Boots Rogers' later testimony best explains what happened next.

When young Mary Phagan was found dead, Frank said, "I'm sorry," but said little about the murder.

According to Rogers, when Frank discussed the new time sheet with Darley, the principal agreed with him.

According to Rogers, Frank took out the timetable, opened the lock on the right door and took a key out of his pocket.

After examining the slip, he declared it a very good fit. Mr. Lee was standing next to him with his hands tied.

Dali was also there. Frank placed it on the table, went to his desk, made sure it was entered correctly, and returned with a blank sheet of paper.

While the office was buying a new watch, a few of us looked at the notes written on it. Frank asked a few of us to help him while I held the lever while applying the new slip. When he asks Lee why he is there, Frank discovers a pencil in one of the holes. The black man said he left the pencil there to make sure he made the hole correctly without making any mistakes. Frank opened his watch and signed the margin of the bill on April 26, 1913. Then he folded the bulletin and took it into the inner office.

When I looked at the slide, I only saw the first two shots. Especially the numbers 1 and 633. All he saw was jumping. He figured if there was a gap in the factory he would notice. He was still in Rogers' car. That Sunday morning was very hard. Frank and the officers headed to the police station. Darley sat in the front with Rogers and Lee in the back and Detective Black in the middle. Frank was sitting on Darley's lap. He was shaking violently, Dali stated.

According to the report, Frank panicked in his car at the police station and rushed into the coroner's office, speaking in a fast, casual manner. Frank informed them during a conversation at J's detective's office when J visited the factory on Saturday morning. A young man named Gant, who had just left the factory, returned that afternoon to retrieve the shoes he had left behind.

Frank informed the detectives that Gant had been having an affair with Mary Phagan. This statement led the detectives to search for Gant, who searched for several suspects, and mute Lee Franke was arrested at the station for being in the house. The first day of the famous Mary Phagan case is over.

On a quiet Saturday, people walking up and down Forsyth Street were content just to look at the building where a black man had been murdered. Officers monitored everyone coming and going, but ordinary people were not allowed anywhere in the factory. Mary Phagan walked out of her tiny Bellwood home on Saturday safe but heartbroken.

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