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Cops Became “Health Enforcers” and Beat the Life Out of People for no Reason at All

106 Views· 08 Nov 2022
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⁣The cruelty of what was done to ordinary people is unimaginable.
Cops became “health enforcers” and beat the life out of people for no reason at all.

I don’t know what kind of coward can beat an unarmed person while they themselves are wearing full body and carrying a shield and an array of weapons.

I’ll never understand these people and their cruelty.
They clearly get off on it.
They enjoyed the whole thing.

They all deserve to be locked away forever.

No amnesty.
No forgiveness for these monstrous thugs.
They were the same all over the world

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AussieGirl 1 year ago

Military and Police are given DOG TAGS for a reason... they ARE The Establishments guard DOGS.. they are NOT there to 'serve & protect' the public and imho they are brainwashed.. BUT, to keep the publicc from EXPOSING the EVER CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT... God knows what they DO to these ppl but it ain't of human or their Maker's origin .. reminded me of the scenes from Braveheart.. the horses and the soldiers would just run roughshod over the then so named 'peasants' today we ARE in their distorted demonic minds "useless eaters" and they're descendants of Vlad the Impaler... they're ALL related one way or another... both KKKlintons ARE Rottenschilds !!! Chelsea IS NOT Bill's daughter, she's an assoc Lawyer of KKKillary's offspring.. by name Webster Hubble ..
God help us if they release NATO sods onto Aussies .. personally i think all those in black Riot suits in Vic in the early days and lockdowns and rubber bullets and pepper sparyers were, or they're psychopaths released from prison or insane wards..

Prayers for all free ppl worldwide... the Establishment is getting very worried and stepping up their campaign, however with the US House & most likely the Senate turning RED watch out for the coming Indictments which WILL BE UNSEALED and the Dominoes begin to fall...

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