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Have You Heard the Israeli Government bs and Mainstream Media Trying to Manipulate You to Support th

15 Views· 26 Oct 2023
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⁣Have you heard the Israeli Government bs and Mainstream Media trying to manipulate you to support their mass murder and genocide of innocent civilians based on they “have a right to self defence”.

It’s the biggest crock of sh..

Yes the Israeli Government has the right to self defence- when their borders were being attacked and breached with a bunch of terrorists on dirt bikes and paragliders .

But the supposed strongest military in the world couldn’t self defend itself then.

Went missing strangely for 6-7 hours.

Their attack helicopters and fighter jets and tanks were no match for the superior Hamas dirt bikes and paragliders ?


Is the Israeli military and Government such pussies they can’t defend against some terrorists, when they breach their borders and wall, but think it’s ok to later show the world how tough they are by carpet bombing innocent civilians to death.

So tough.

Only gutless criminals who can’t fight fair ,would do such a thing

Maybe it’s time Israelis and the world ask if Israel has the right to self defence , then where was the self defence when Hamas was breaching their walls ?

If you can’t defend your borders, I’m sorry you lost your right to self defence.
Pick a fair fight or accept your grossly incompetent and war criminals or lying about a false flag and butchered your own people to use as justification to destroy Palestinians

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