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Netanyahu the United States President, I Mean the United States of Israel President, Appears to Thin

8 Views· 25 Apr 2024
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⁣Netanyahu the United States President, I mean the United States of Israel President, appears to think he can dictate to Americans and supersede their First Amendment.

Listen to his genocidal nonsense re the rise of anti semitism as if it’s for nothing to do with his racism and ethic cleansing

Such bs Netanyahu

It’s the rise if anti Israel genociding Palestinians not anti semitism.

If Jews don’t want to suffer they should disown you, the Rothschilds and Israel.

If you want it to stop then take a long hard look in the mirror you imbecile, and stop genociding unarmed civilians while pretending to go after Hamas.
The same Hamas that Israel started, fund and you yourself have called for Israel to support so Israel can continue to achieve it’s political objectives
( which are to ensure no two state solution, no peace and an excuse to continue to steal Palestinian land and genocide them and starve the rest until they move to a tent city and you take the entire Gaza Strip- ie continue the pattern of the last 75 years )

The same Hamas you let cross your borders on Oct 7.

Not to mention Israel’s illegal armed coup of Ukriane in 2014 via the US State Department, to start a war against Russia, and genocide Eastern Ukrainians to make it Israel 2, and attacked Iranian embassy to provoke WW3 and provoking China over Taiwan.

We know you work for your Rothschilds masters, and the world has had a gut full of your anti humanitism which you try and spin any critic of Israel is somehow anti semitic.

The sooner the American people rise up and boot Israel out of America, and the West rise up including Australia, and do the same, the sooner the world can rid itself of the satanic evil filth you represent.

The world has figured out your bs and Iies,and the world rejects you and the evil of Israel.

And it’s not anti semitism, as many good Jewish people can’t stand you and what Israel stand for either.
The issue isn’t with good Jewish people but with you and your criminal elite masters to gutless to speak for themselves as they hide like cockroaches in the shadows of society.

It’s anti bs and anti genocide the world stands against.

So f.. off

The world doesn’t need you or your satanic geriatric masters

Your days are numbered.

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